Brick Ends Farm Compost


Kidz b Kidz



By purchasing this compost not only are you getting a quality all natural product that helps your gardens grow, you are also helping to support the non profit organization Kidz b Kidz.




Brick Ends Farm was created in 1975 with the core purpose of restoring fertility to worn out farmland. Initially through green manure crops and later through heavy application of organic compost this land now produces high yields of silage corn and vegetables. 


Today they play a small part in taking the 600,000 tons of Massachusetts produced organic wastes that largely goes to landfills and diverts it to composting, producing soil amendments that replace the animal manures of yesteryear. Grass germinates in our product in less than a week. We offer course product free to pick up in the spring to anyone growing food.



The artwork produced on the compost bags are done by Kidz b Kidz artists.

Kidz b Kidz is powered by kids and mentored by adults. We teach children about empathy and the importance of helping others, and encourage them to find ways to use their artful hands and generous spirits to do good in the world. Kidz b Kidz inspires kids to create heartfelt artwork that is used in products sold to foster healing and comfort in a child’s hospital experience and to support medical research.

We promote charity awareness, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship and weave it into the fabric of children’s lives.

Kidz b Kidz features artwork on products drawn by children and sold under license nationwide. The growing number of products sold or being developed under the KbK brand are: compost and gardening products, hot and cold cups, tray covers, napkins, shower curtains, room dividers, bedding, scrubs, ceramics, t-shirts and more.

If you are interested in learning more about Kidz b Kidz or becoming a KbK licensee please contact us at